Evenings with the Bible 3-Volume Set (Digital)


This three-volume collection of in-depth Bible studies, full of practical application and encouragement for a deeper faith in God, Christ, and the Bible, is now available in a brand-new, updated, corrected, and fully-reformatted edition, complete with new explanatory footnotes for any obscure or archaic words.

Volume 1: Genesis through Solomon
Volume 2: Rehoboam through Esther
Volume 3: John the Baptist, the early life and ministry of Jesus, and the characteristics of Christianity.

Each book is approximately 280 pages.

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Fascinating, interesting, beneficial–these are some of the words used to describe “Evenings with the Bible.”  Each volume contains in-depth studies of Old or New Testament characters and events, full of practical application and encouragement to Christians to learn from the triumphs and failures of these men and women of old.  These books are a treasure-trove of biblical knowledge and exposition.


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