Book Review – The Life of the Apostle Paul (by Barbara Dowell)

Who was the apostle Paul?  What was there about his hometown that made him perfectly suited to be the great apostle to the Gentiles?  These questions and many more are answered throughout the brand-new book, The Life of the Apostle Paul.


Packed with background information on the people and places that Paul interacted with, this book helps you to see Paul’s life and travels with a much better focus.  From the background of cities like Tyre, Jerusalem, and Rome to understanding the character of men like Felix, Festus, and Agrippa, The Life of the Apostle Paul helps you to know them like the Christians of the first century would have known them.

The author, Barbara Dowell, has been a dedicated Christian, a diligent Bible student, and an enthusiastic Bible teacher for over five decades.  Her husband, Jerry, is an elder in the church of Christ that meets in McLoud, OK.

This book is the culmination of years of studying, and was used to teach a ladies’ Bible class, though the information is useful for personal study as well.

We highly recommend this 156-page book, which is available exclusively on for just $9.99 (or $2.99 on Kindle).  Click here to get your own copy!

Here is the first customer review on Amazon:

This book puts the life of Paul (as shown in the Bible) in chronological order, and fills in the details with historical backgrounds of the places he visited and the people he interacted with. Several historical details were included in this book that I was not aware of, and which makes it much easier to identify with the great apostle’s life. This book is an excellent addition to my library.

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