Misunderstandings About the Lord’s Church

“Your church was started by Alexander Campbell”

“You don’t preach Jesus, you preach works-salvation”

And they go on and on.

Back in the early 1900s, these same things were being said of the Lord’s church, and it hasn’t changed much today.  But to help straighten out some misconceptions that people in the religious world (and even some in the church) have about the church of Christ, J.L. Hill wrote a book, entitled “As Others See Us, and As We Are.”

It is a collection of sermons dealing with misconceptions about the church, put into print so that people can have a better understanding of it.

And today, it is free for you to download, courtesy of the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary.


  1. “A Denomination, Founded By Alexander Campbell.”
  2. The Name “Christian”— Is It A Presumption?
  3. “Experimental Religion”— “Is Salvation By Formula?”
  4. “Dangerous Doctrines”— Do We Teach Them?
  5. The Church Of Christ — Its Origin And Growth
  6. Membership In The Early Church
  7. Ordinances And Offices Of The Early Church
  8. Missions The Heart Of Christianity
  9. The Passing Of The Clergy
  10. Corporatism And Ecclesiasticism In The Christian Church
  11. Origin And Growth Of Roman Catholicism
  12. The Reformation
  13. Origin And Growth Of Modern Sectarianism
  14. Ultimate Religion: Christian Unity
  15. A Century’s Growth

Simply click on the link below to read it or download it to your computer for reading later!

As Others See Us and As We Are (J.L. Hill)

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