Coming Soon!

We  take a break from our regular rotation of stuff today to tell you about some things that we’re really excited about!  These are projects that we’ve got in the works and hope to bring to you soon.

The Paul Cobb Short-Film Collection

Yes, Paul has started his own movie-making company.  Well, that is, he’s learned how to use the scanner, Microsoft Paint, and Windows Movie Maker to create his own short cartoons.  We plan on making these available to watch soon.  But don’t blink.  After all, they’re short and you might miss them!

The Truth and the Liars

Our commentary on Second John is finished, and we are putting the finishing touches on the eBook.  We think you’ll really appreciate this one.  If you want to read it and just can’t wait, then pick up our official e-Sword collection which already has it in there!

Wait, Not THEM!

Currently, we are working on a commentary on the book of Habakkuk (at the request of one of the Christians where we live).  This book, titled Wait, Not THEM! will hopefully be finished and ready by early August.

The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

Writing this book has been one of Brad’s goals for six years.  In it, every verse in Acts that mentions or alludes to the Holy Spirit will be examined to see (1) what we can learn about the Holy Spirit from that verse, and (2) whether a miraculous or non-miraculous working of the Spirit is under consideration.  This book will also divide up the references by who is speaking/writing, so you can see how each of them talked about the Holy Spirit, and what they emphasized.

This book, Lord willing, will be finished around the end of September.

Alexander Campbell: a Collection (Vol. 2)

This book has been in the planning stages for about six months, and we are just about done with it.  Look for an official announcement At the beginning of July!

There’s a lot more that we could tell you about, but this is probably enough for today.  May your day be fantastic!



3 thoughts on “Coming Soon!”

  1. Question I read a question above from someone and it looked like, (or I did not see an answer) you did not give them an answer.
    they were told by someone why they did not believe in the Bible because the Apostles thought that Christ would come back in their life time. And we are taught of a furture coming. I’ve seen this question once before and no one has given an answer. why not? prove all things!!!!

  2. one more question do you believe Christ has already come. Doing a more in depth study about this that is why I’d like an answer to the above question..

    1. Jesus Christ came in AD 70 in judgment on Jerusalem. This is the “coming” described in Matthew 24. But is there a future coming of Christ? I Corinthians 15 sure seems to indicate that such is the case. So, in answer to your question, it all depends on what you mean by “Christ has already come.”

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