Christianity and Government (Christian Solutions to Modern Problems – Part two)

Today, we continue our presentation of F.W. Mattox’s work Christian Solutions to Modern Problems, and see how Christianity can help make the government better.



Our spiritual heritage is the root out of which the American system has grown. This is evidenced by recalling that our national documents are permeated with both Bible ideas and Bible language. The Bill of Rights which guarantees our freedoms is an outgrowth of the Christian emphasis upon the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. Furthermore, the American form of government presupposes that the governed are not only intelligent in being able to make wise decisions, but can be relied upon to assume the responsibility for government. Those who would change our form of government are saying that this is expecting too much from the masses. To them, society does not consist of enlightened, responsible individuals, but of ignorant, contriving self-seekers that must be controlled by force. When one looks at certain members of society this latter view seems to be correct and certainly no one would claim that all members of society are all they ought to be. My contention is that the great majority of American citizens are enlightened and responsible—capable of self-government—and that if this group will become more vocal in regard to its present rights and privileges under our free system, the system itself will not only be preserved, but the non-cooperating members of society can be brought to an appreciation and support of the system. Accordingly, every American should appreciate his religious heritage and work for its preservation.


In what way does Christianity affect government spending?

First of all government officials have an obligation to the governed. They are trustees—stewards with responsibility, and the first requirement of stewards is that they be found faithful. The present trend of bureaucratic expansion, inefficiency in office and valueless expenditures in every department is a national disgrace. Every Christian receiving a government check should look squarely at himself as he ponders whether the government could do without him. He should then either quit his job or work so hard it would become apparent that others were not needed. We must no longer deceive ourselves about government money. It is our money. No Christian father would place indebtedness upon his family to such an extent that it would take three generations to lift it. Coming generations will have problems of their own without our placing a mortgage upon their heads. Thrift, good management, hard work, and frugal economy are Christian principles our government officials need to consider.

This is no criticism of our governmental system. In spite of these defects we have more blessings than any other people on earth, but Christianity is not satisfied with such defects. Why should we be? With economy in government, our national debt can be paid, taxes reduced, and standards of living raised. It is time that all realize that “Federal Aid” is a deceptive term. The Federal government has no money. It can create no wealth. By taxation it takes our money and the small part of it given back to us is called “Federal Aid.” Christianity cries out against all waste.

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