An Update on our Trip

We have been in Canada since this past Saturday evening, and the past seven days have been wonderful.

We have been able to spend time with a small group of Christians who want to serve God and better understand His will for their lives.  We have spent a lot of time in singing and in prayer, and it has been an encouragement both to us and to them.

The church in Riverview, New Brunswick, is currently meeting in the houses of some of the members while their building (a small 125-year-old house converted into a church building) is undergoing major repairs to bring it up to code.

In most of our meetings, we’ve done more of a class format and have discussed the importance of understanding what we are doing/saying in worship (such as singing and praying), making sure that we are doing it according to God’s word, and doing it with the proper heart.  Friday evening, we discussed the importance of evangelism and many shared with us their current evangelism efforts.  We also spent a good deal of time discussing various methods for evangelizing.  It was a very profitable evening, and that was even before the congregation had a finger-food fellowship.

In addition, we have been able to spend a lot of time with the preacher and his family up here.  Stephane (pronounced Stefan) Maillet is very active in online evangelism (see for one such example), and has also been trying to help the congregation in New Brunswick to grow.  Our children and their children have been hitting it off great as well.  It will be sad to say goodbye.

We have two more days to go and then we begin our long trek back towards home.  Please pray for our safe return.

-Bradley Cobb

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