A Tri-Topic Debate

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Hart-Mansfield Debate

Lee P. Mansfield affirmed that (1) having separate Bible classes for different age groups, (2) using material prepared by others, and (3) having women teachers in the classes composed of children were all Scripturally authorized.

J.M. Hunt, on the other hand, affirmed that God provided every acceptable method of teaching in the Scriptures, and therefore (1) separate classes, (2) material provided by uninspired men, and (3) using women to teach any class were all sinful.

As with almost every debate, there are parts that could have been done better (and this is true on both sides of the debate), as well as some issues/arguments which weren’t addressed.  But this book provides some insight on some of the arguments used by some of those on each side of the disagreement.

We have made an enormous amount of corrections to this debate, including fixing spelling errors, typographical errors, incorrect Scripture references, some grammar, and some incorrect names (one of the writers appealed to what “Paul” said at Pentecost, and we’ve corrected that to “Peter,” so that the writer’s mistake doesn’t take away from the point he was trying to make).

We hope that you will find this debate to be interesting and will help you if you ever happen to find yourself in a discussion of one of these three topics.

Hart-Mansfield Debate on Classes

-Bradley S. Cobb

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